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A Path To Peacemaking

Some more bombs were dropped in Syria today. On one hand, it’s nothing different than yesterday or last week or last month in Syria or in a host of other nations. Bombs, drones, guns – these and other tools of war and violence can be found anywhere at anytime for seemingly any reason. The sadness and unnecessary death is too familiar. Continue reading “A Path To Peacemaking”


A Good Friday

After yet another school shooting (this time, in Parkland, Florida), a friend suggested on one of my posts that Good Friday would be a good day for a nonviolent protest. The first idea that came to mind was some kind of cross made of donated guns that would be decommissioned as a form of turning ‘swords into plowshares’. I didn’t want to be hasty since there can be conflicting meanings when guns are used in religious imagery, but I felt convicted to do ‘something’ on Good Friday. Continue reading “A Good Friday”

Constantine’s Spell

The spell of Constantine continues to cast a long shadow. During his reign, the relative position of so-called Christians flipped from being oppressed and crucified to being blessed by the state. Though it provided protection for many, those who chose not to bow down to Empire were still at risk. Continue reading “Constantine’s Spell”

The Pursuit Of Comfort

We desire comfort. Ease. Relaxation. Freedom of choice. Luxury. In other words, privilege without effort – a kind of utopia fashioned in our imagination. In order to achieve this level of comfort, we will chase whatever path will promise to satisfy this urge. We will even exert tremendous effort and accept great discomfort if, on the other side, we expect its promise to be fulfilled. Continue reading “The Pursuit Of Comfort”

A Matter Of Trust

I’ve sometimes joked that I’m not 100% sure that my parents are in fact my parents, but I trust them that it’s true. Even though I was at my birth, I wasn’t aware enough at my birth to know anything different. I’ve never had a reason to question my trust, but it’s something I cannot verify – I trust that they’re my parents. And in the same way, you kids trust that your mother and I will take care of you, provide you food, comfort, and safety – and we love to do that for you. Trust is one of the first things we learn as infants – whether or not our caretaker will respond promptly and provide food and comfort. And trust is a strong and foundational reality that is necessary for our growth. Continue reading “A Matter Of Trust”

Bible or Jesus?

In my formative years, I don’t recall receiving religious instruction that made distinctions between ‘following the Bible’ and ‘following Jesus’. Instead, those two concepts were communicated as synonymous if not equal. The presumption that a singular, integrated, inerrant, and holistic view of Scripture existed made such a distinction unnecessary if not dangerous. Yet over time, I came to see there is a significant and meaningful difference between the two. Continue reading “Bible or Jesus?”

The Math Guy

I liked math growing up. Every problem had a singular answer (a clear truth) and it scratched my competitive itch. I enjoyed the sense of accomplishment in solving problems as fast as I could, and my knowledge and abilities became a source of pride. At each grade level – all the way through high school and its Math Team – I was ‘the math guy’ and solving problems was second nature. Continue reading “The Math Guy”

Ready Or Not, 2018 Is Here

I’m hopeful for 2018. As I think about 2017 and how different my life is today, this past year disturbed some cobwebs, exposed some weaknesses, and left a pile of ‘not sure if any of this is useful’ in the middle of the floor. When I ponder my reason for hope, I’m reminded that any good journey has some twists and turns, some bumpy roads, and some unexpected surprises. I think I’m hopeful because a fresh start is possible after some of the clutter has been identified, which gives more clarity to the renovation project underway. Continue reading “Ready Or Not, 2018 Is Here”

Surprised by 2017

Here are just a few things that surprised me this year (and some that I’m surprised I’m surprised about) … Continue reading “Surprised by 2017”

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