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Travel is a great disrupter of expectations and normalcy. So are massive storms (more on that later). It’s been a while since I’ve traveled overseas, but I remember the feelings of uncertainty even in the midst of privilege and false accusations. Continue reading “Disruptions”



Vengeance is mine, says the Lord.
Maybe we’ll remember that vengeance isn’t ours to take. Continue reading “Vengeance”

The Pattern

You see the pattern, right?

Mollie Tibbetts. Colin Kaepernick. Those are just the recent ones.

Something happens. Tragic death. Ad campaign. Could be anything in the tinderbox we call America. Continue reading “The Pattern”

10 Declarations

Just so that we’re clear, these 10 Declarations (or Precepts or Decrees or Edicts or …) were not handed to me on a mountain top nor chiseled in stone. They are, however, observations that provide contrast between what some people claim to believe and what their actions reveal. Continue reading “10 Declarations”

Love Isn’t Love

Rudy Giuliani, in a moment of Orwellian clarity, said “truth isn’t truth” this past weekend when trying to explain his concerns should Donald Trump be interviewed by Robert Mueller. Now, I’ve never been interviewed on live television nor would pretend to comment with authority on a topic as substantial as the current investigation involving the President. So I don’t envy his position, nor would I want the headache of trying to respond to the mercurial nature of the multilayered lies that surround the investigation. Although Giuliani backtracked and tried to explain that the context was a “he said, she said” puzzle – and didn’t include terms such as ‘objective’ or ‘subjective’ truth – it’s not surprising that his phrase struck a chord in the current zeitgeist. Continue reading “Love Isn’t Love”

Missed Opportunity at the GLS

The past two days were packed with innumerable thoughts and feelings. The proverbial fire hose of the Global Leadership Summit (GLS) had plenty of water pressure, as did the side conversations related to the themes and observations from the Summit. Overall, it was a net-positive experience that was a forceful reminder of truths that I’d like to live out more fully, and to keep planting their seeds as much as possible. Continue reading “Missed Opportunity at the GLS”

GLS 2018 – Day 1

Day 1 of the 2018 Global Leadership Summit, broadcast from Willow Creek Church in South Barrington, Illinois, is over. Given the months of media coverage of the sexual misconduct allegations against Bill Hybels and the manner in which the entities that he founded were publicly handling this situation, I was extremely curious to see if the seeds of leadership from over 20 years of summits was going to produce good fruit. And just last night, the second co-pastor along with the entire elders of Willow Creek Church resigned. People around the world were literally watching in real time how one of the most influential Evangelical organizations, particularly one claiming to be based in leadership, would handle the spotlight of sexual misconduct. Continue reading “GLS 2018 – Day 1”

Blueberry Picking

I enjoyed picking blueberries with you kids this summer, especially after you decided to earn some extra money by picking more and selling them. You shared your efforts with those who enjoy plump berries and were willing to pay for the delivery. And you got your first taste with running a (very) small business. I hope we can do it again next year! Continue reading “Blueberry Picking”

Gravity & Privilege

I like science. I’m a big fan of natural laws and the mathematics that help me understand them. I also find it fascinating that the effects of the laws were felt for millennia by millions of people but the understanding and mathematical support behind them (think of gravity) were only more recently codified and given a universal context (but I’m not expanding this metaphor into quantum physics, don’t worry). Science desires to explain the world as it is, not how we would like it to be. Is there an absence of bias? No, but pure science should be. Continue reading “Gravity & Privilege”

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