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October 2016

8 Years Go By Quickly

Hello son. In a few days you’ll be 8 years old and in some ways, it’s gone by way too fast. I’m proud of who you are and I treasure the memories we’ve made together. Continue reading “8 Years Go By Quickly”


Signs Of The Times

I had a visceral reaction recently when I overheard part of a conversation where someone expressed joy in this presidential election because “it’s a sign of the times”. I heard a self-satisfying gleefulness to the voice that simultaneously repulsed and saddened me. See, I grew up in a religious organization that presumed its own rightness when it came to matters of prophecy and end time events, and that conversation reminded me of those days. I heard enough doomsday interpretations to scare whatever shreds of hopefulness might have existed before the funnel was firmly implanted in my head. I’m sad to say I didn’t really resist the funnel or ask too many questions then, but I’m also thankful that the self-assured certainty of correctness in ‘special knowledge’ escaped over time as I explored different interpretations of prophetic events. Little wonder that most interpretations claim to be the only true one, eh?

Continue reading “Signs Of The Times”

Why Dirt Piles?

Dirt piles and jumbo crayons. That’s a peculiar and unexpected name for a blog – why did you select that name?

Well, thank you for asking (OK, maybe you didn’t ask, but I’ll answer it anyway). I’ll start with the ‘dirt piles’ portion and save the ‘jumbo crayons’ for another day, how’s that?

Continue reading “Why Dirt Piles?”

Come Out And Play

Yesterday was ‘National Coming Out Day’, and to me it means there is no better expression of love than the precious freedom to be known and to know others. Above all, I want to love and be loved, and I am convinced you want the same. But in order to be known, it takes a level of trust and security before our vulnerability is revealed. It’s in those relational moments when safety is needed to truly ‘come out’ and let yourself be known. Sometimes I envy you kids because you’re still at the age when the skepticism inherent inside relational distrust hasn’t been learned yet. I’ll be sad when I see you more guarded, but I also know some of that is necessary. I pray we can help you discern and navigate those moments.

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Privilege Is Phull of P’ss

: One Person’s Perspective

Privilege is the prevailing posture whose premise is predicated on a profound presumption of personal objectivity, and is particularly present when preopposing political postulates or points. This preferred position of power and prestige, however precarious, is presumed to be proof-enough to provide permission to pontificate on problems not personally perceived.

If the privileged perceive a protest, they feel perturbed and picked on, then
presumptuously prescribe a more proper protest – a preposterous and pithy proposition! Continue reading “Privilege Is Phull of P’ss”

Full Day at the Fair

I really had fun yesterday, and given all our discussion on the drive home, I’m glad you did too. Our first visit to the Texas State Fair in Dallas was a day full of new experiences, and just in case my memory fades a bit, I wanted to capture the highlights. And also have a reference for future visits!

I’m glad we stumbled into a decent parking spot near Gate 6, giving us easy access to desirable areas of the park. A nice shady spot for the truck also gave our lunches a place to stay cool. After some kid-friendly exploration with the farm animals and the canstruction, we were off to see Big Tex. Continue reading “Full Day at the Fair”

103 Wins

The 2016 Major League Baseball regular season finished today, and the playoffs begin in a few days. The Cubs, our Chicago Cubs, have won 103 games this season, and we want to ‘Fly The W’ 11 more times to become the World Series Champion. On Friday, the Mets or Giants come to Wrigley Field to start the Divisional Series. Sorry Amy, your Cardinals missed the Wild Card by 1 game.

Last year, winning the Wild Card in Pittsburgh and then beating the rival Cardinals in 4 games was a wonderful ride. The team was growing up in front of our eyes and staying hungry. Unfortunately, the Mets swept our Cubs in 4 games, and the end came too soon. But if there’s one thing a Cubs fan understands, it’s hope. Maybe Next Year has been our mantra for as long as I can remember. Continue reading “103 Wins”

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