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December 2016

Year In Review – 2016

What a year! One word cannot attempt to describe¬†the scope and scale of 2016 for me. This year was memorable on multiple levels and from numerous angles, but if I were to summarize it, I’d have to include the words ‘awakening’ and ‘shifts’. Huh? What does that mean? Continue reading “Year In Review – 2016”


Light Is Almost Here

Today, the day before Christmas, reminds me that light is almost here. In many respects, we have the advantage of knowing what comes tomorrow. For a moment, though, imagine instead how those living in first century Judea may have experienced the hopelessness that accompanied the years of Roman rule in the occupied land. The generations that passed down their patient anticipation for the Messiah, yet without consolation. The promises still unfulfilled. Let the darkness settle on you like the moment the cave lights are turned off – a thick black syrup that thoroughly engulfs you. Continue reading “Light Is Almost Here”

Delayed Blessings

‘Tis the season of holiday preparations, time with loved ones, and special events. In the midst of all the activity, it’s easy for me to focus on busyness instead of embracing and appreciating the blessings I’ve been given. If I’m not careful, I could use the word ‘blessings’ to refer to what mainly benefits me. In fact, I’ve been listening carefully to how others are using this word, and have stumbled onto a context that gives me cause for pause.
Continue reading “Delayed Blessings”

10 Invitations

The excitement in your eyes when you’ve received an invitation is priceless! A birthday party – what gift should we get them? Who’s going to be there? And then there are the invitations that your mom and I give you – let’s go to the zoo, or a museum, or announce a road trip! You ask “how soon are we going?” and can hardly contain yourself. An invitation is a beautiful thing filled with possibility and anticipation. Continue reading “10 Invitations”

Welcoming Jesus, Rejecting god

As Advent begins, I wonder if we are patiently and earnestly waiting for “God with us” or the “god I want”. In some respects, the anticipation of Christmas as the celebration of the birth of our Messiah can get interwoven with the anticipation of gift-giving and gift-receiving to the point that we lose sight of the Incarnation and its rich beauty. It is not uncommon to devote more attention to “what I want” for Christmas and less attention to “what can I give” or “where is God in all of this”. Continue reading “Welcoming Jesus, Rejecting god”

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