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February 2017

Go and Sin (No More)

One of the more familiar and oft-repeated stories in the life of Jesus is his conversation with the woman caught in adultery. Here is a woman, caught in the act by teachers of the law, brought before Jesus yet without her partner in sin. The Law said to stone the woman, and the teachers wanted to trap Jesus. Continue reading “Go and Sin (No More)”


The Shack

Next week is the (highly) anticipated release of The Shack movie. I’ve been looking forward to it since I’d heard it was in production, and watching the theatrical trailer further stoked my expectations. It’s quite possible that you’re familiar with the book and its supporters and/or its detractors, but in advance of seeing the movie next week (yes, we have opening night tickets), I wanted to share some observations. Continue reading “The Shack”

Why Jumbo Crayons?

Today is Valentine’s Day, a day of expressing our love for others, particularly a ‘special someone’. There’s something sincere and innocent and simple and beautiful and pure about an elementary exchange of heartfelt wishes, especially at your age (R & P). Handwritten cards in glitter pens or jumbo crayons, with letters of different sizes, provides a one-of-a-kind memory and a reflection of your heart. Continue reading “Why Jumbo Crayons?”

My Relationship With Privilege

I grew up in a middle class suburb of Chicago. Our small town had some ethnic diversity, but not enough to frequently come face to face with my own sense of privilege. Looking back it’s more obvious, but I was also insulated because of my academic pursuits and the circles that I found myself in, and I don’t remember being awake to my inherent privilege. And privilege wasn’t a topic of dinner conversation, either. Given that I was conditioned to think of myself as the most intelligent person in the room, seeds of empathy were difficult to find. Continue reading “My Relationship With Privilege”

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