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April 2017

8U Politics

Observing current US politics is like watching an 8U baseball game. A specific play from last week’s game highlights it more than I care to admit, and I wish I had a video of it. But first, some backstory. Continue reading “8U Politics”


When You Dance…

… I am filled with joy because of your joy. The smile on your face radiates and explodes in a most beautiful and wonderful way. I see your confidence – an assurance of what you’ve learned and your anticipation in sharing it and letting the world know that you are ready to perform. Continue reading “When You Dance…”

The Death Of Resurrection

Not everything needs to be resurrected. Some ideas need to remain in the graveyard of our memories. It may require a bit more reflection or mourning, but let them go and don’t try to dig them up. They have already started to decay, so admit that they are gone and should stay gone. Let it be. Say goodbye, acknowledge that they gave us some good times, but it’s time to focus forward. Continue reading “The Death Of Resurrection”

Saturday Sucks

Saturday sucks because the wounds are still raw from an unexpected death. I say unexpected even though there were plenty of reminders and warnings, but those don’t numb the pain of finally, finally, experiencing the loss. Saturday is a complex set of emotions that are quite personal and require more time to be processed each in their own unique way. Continue reading “Saturday Sucks”

A United Nation

Today I am even more convinced that we are a United nation. Yesterday, a United Airlines passenger was forcibly removed from the plane because he refused to leave after he was randomly selected to give up his seat – a seat that was oversold and was also needed to transport flight crew to the destination. I have not seen the various videos, nor do I intend to, and here are some headlines of the event. Continue reading “A United Nation”

Twice Broken

The first time I was broken by Matthew 25 was in public. I had prepared a message – a sermon – and while reading verses 37-40 aloud to the congregants, I became deeply emotional as it hit me how simple, how clear, and yet how my life reflected very little of the principle that Jesus was teaching. Continue reading “Twice Broken”

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