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May 2017

Personal Responsibility

The current healthcare discussions often pivot on the concept of ‘personal responsibility’. Who is responsible for an individual’s overall wellbeing, and to what degree? However well intentioned and appropriate for many circumstances, ‘personal responsibility’ can also provide cover for those who could help advocate for systemic improvements, but don’t. Continue reading “Personal Responsibility”

More Like You

Hi son,¬†After your 8U baseball game last night, I realized I want to be more like you. The simple and unfiltered joy that you expressed after you got your first hit of the season is unforgettable. Continue reading “More Like You”

Heresy Of Love

Kids, you are loved more deeply than you know. Love wants to be close, to embrace in a tight hug, and to be available for anything you need. Love can’t imagine being separated, disconnected, or told to stay far away. We squeeze each other ‘so tight’ because we enjoy being together. Continue reading “Heresy Of Love”

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