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June 2017


Another visit with family has come to an end, and besides celebrating Grandma’s 80th birthday, we also were together for Grandpa’s memorial service. His ashes were buried in a beautiful nature preserve. For the occasion, I prepared (and shared a portion of) the following words. Continue reading “Fatherhood”

Concepts of god

Father’s Day is a particularly appropriate day for me to reflect more on the lessons I’ve learned from my dad and other parental figures, and try and make sense of who I’ve become and am becoming. Over the past many months, I’ve been developing a new (for me) understanding of my spirituality and how it’s being formed. And I’m hopeful that my perspective can inform those who are curious. Continue reading “Concepts of god”

Death Still Stings

Sadly, Death is still stinging. Even the specter of death is an aggravating and sad reminder of our frailty, fragility, and dependence upon good. Another day, another soul-cringing realization of the evil that so easily surrounds us. Continue reading “Death Still Stings”

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