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August 2017

Breaking News, from ENN

(Egyptian News Network)

Anchor: An unnamed source has revealed that a member of the ruling household has killed an Egyptian. The fatality occurred yesterday and news quickly spread among the Egyptian and labor communities. No word yet on a possible motive or the identity of the murderer.

Pharaoh is expected to address the nation in the next few hours. We will provide live coverage of the press conference when it occurs. Stay tuned to ENN for the latest. Continue reading “Breaking News, from ENN”



I’m thankful that heritage isn’t the same as destiny. Heritage is getting its moment in the sun now that there’s a lot of attention on Confederate statues and what should be done with them, if anything. Some towns have already removed statues from their places of prominence, and some prefer moving them to a museum instead of outright destruction. Others are protesting their removal, given their association and desire to identify with the historical significance of the statues. There is no unified approach given the political tension of our current times, and even family members of very prominent Confederate heroes believe it’s time to remove them. So there is a wide range of perspectives. Continue reading “Heritage”

America The Wonderful

America, you have been described as beautiful and great and a host of other captivating and inspiring words fully appropriate for a bright city on a hill. We often hear lofty rhetoric injected into public discourse that reinforces our hopefulness and desire for the common good. It is in this context, and the vast expressions of positivity,┬áthat I first use the word ‘wonderful’. Continue reading “America The Wonderful”

Goodbye, July

I’m very thankful that July 2017 is in the rear view mirror. It began with an elevated sense of self-confidence that I could find my way back to physical health by grit and determination, and it ended with the humble realization that some of my choices were self-destructive and that medical intervention was required for my ongoing existence. Stubbornness helped widen some blind spots that I pretended didn’t exist, and it provided fertile soil for perpetuating the ignorance I claimed was sufficient for maintaining my health. Continue reading “Goodbye, July”

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