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September 2017

I Am Broken

Losing over 30 lbs in under 3 months may sound like a great weight loss testimony, but that was never my plan. Instead, my plan was to enjoy a variety of healthy and tasty food for the rest of my life. But that plan has been interrupted (or destroyed?) because my body is now broken. Continue reading “I Am Broken”

Mercy & Justice

The deluge of water in Houston and the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast has brought heartbreak and an overwhelming sense of loss and uncertainty. Just like with Katrina and other disasters, the number of tragic and inspirational stories will count into the millions and will be very difficult to fathom. During times of tremendous humanitarian need, I’m more encouraged by the human spirit of determination and neighborliness than I am discouraged by the selfishness and opportunism. Watching people get rescued from the waters has reminded me many times this week about a parable of mercy and justice. Continue reading “Mercy & Justice”

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