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October 2017

Cleaner Air

My lungs appreciate cleaner air. Years ago we lived in an upstairs condo, and our downstairs neighbors were heavy cigarette smokers. Each day was a guessing game if the wind or the temperature differences would draw the toxic air into our condo or give us a chance to have a healthier day. I was often reminded of the medieval myth where human excrement was tossed out of windows and into the street. It’s hard to love your neighbors when they deliberately antagonize your health with unquestionable toxicity. Continue reading “Cleaner Air”


I wish we needed fewer heroes. Continue reading “Heroes”

Love For Love’s Sake

It’s not easy for me to remember to love for love’s sake. MLK Jr, however imperfect, was killed pursuing civil rights and addressing poverty for all. Bonhoeffer was killed opposing nationalism and genocide. And Jesus, the perfect one with perfect love, was killed because his truth was not welcomed by the oppressive (religious and political) powers. Continue reading “Love For Love’s Sake”

Oxygen or Death?

Me: Dear God, there’s more death again today…

God: Sadly, yes. My heart breaks too. But death is what happens when something tries to exist outside of my love.

Me: Huh? What does that mean? Continue reading “Oxygen or Death?”

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