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January 2018

The Math Guy

I liked math growing up. Every problem had a singular answer (a clear truth) and it scratched my competitive itch. I enjoyed the sense of accomplishment in solving problems as fast as I could, and my knowledge and abilities became a source of pride. At each grade level – all the way through high school and its Math Team – I was ‘the math guy’ and solving problems was second nature. Continue reading “The Math Guy”


Ready Or Not, 2018 Is Here

I’m hopeful for 2018. As I think about 2017 and how different my life is today, this past year disturbed some cobwebs, exposed some weaknesses, and left a pile of ‘not sure if any of this is useful’ in the middle of the floor. When I ponder my reason for hope, I’m reminded that any good journey has some twists and turns, some bumpy roads, and some unexpected surprises. I think I’m hopeful because a fresh start is possible after some of the clutter has been identified, which gives more clarity to the renovation project underway. Continue reading “Ready Or Not, 2018 Is Here”

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