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June 2018

Proxy Battles

I believe we’ve grown so familiar with proxy battles that it’s easy to be distracted from the real issue(s) in the center of the battle.

When there’s a disagreement between my kids, I ask them… Continue reading “Proxy Battles”

Precious Metal Rules

I’m convinced that the arc of human civilization and the measure of its decency can be best described using the Precious Metal Rule continuum. I’ll describe the rules shortly, and the rules that we choose to guide human interaction and the civility with which we engage with each other provide insight to the health and progress of a family, community, and nation. I believe that the more ‘precious’ our behavior, the more ‘civilized’ we are as a people. Continue reading “Precious Metal Rules”

Empathy Blooms

Empathy only blooms from the inside.

It cannot be forced, no more than a butterfly can be pulled from its cocoon and remain intact.

It cannot be injected, like a vaccine or an IV.

Continue reading “Empathy Blooms”

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