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July 2018

Blueberry Picking

I enjoyed picking blueberries with you kids this summer, especially after you decided to earn some extra money by picking more and selling them. You shared your efforts with those who enjoy plump berries and were willing to pay for the delivery. And you got your first taste with running a (very) small business. I hope we can do it again next year! Continue reading “Blueberry Picking”


Gravity & Privilege

I like science. I’m a big fan of natural laws and the mathematics that help me understand them. I also find it fascinating that the effects of the laws were felt for millennia by millions of people but the understanding and mathematical support behind them (think of gravity) were only more recently codified and given a universal context (but I’m not expanding this metaphor into quantum physics, don’t worry). Science desires to explain the world as it is, not how we would like it to be. Is there an absence of bias? No, but pure science should be. Continue reading “Gravity & Privilege”

America, How About A Divorce?

There’s a lone voice claiming that the Democrats are going to start a Civil War on July 4. Given the recent difficulties in even discussing the topic of tolerance and civility, it’s not a surprise that someone thinks such a plan is in the works. Mr. False-Flag himself has a tendency to stir up trouble and exaggerate just a wee bit, don’t cha think? Continue reading “America, How About A Divorce?”

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