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November 2018


I’m glad you kids enjoy learning about science. About weather and storms. About physics and dominoes. About planets and stars. About seeds and gardens and growth. Just this week, scientists have demonstrated again the power and accuracy that can be found in science. NASA’s InSight Mars lander successfully touched down on a precise location after traveling for 6 months to a planet 40 million miles away that rotates at 241 meters per second. It’s positively amazing what can be accomplished through an understanding and proper application of math and physics. Continue reading “Science”


Veterans Day

This weekend, America will be honoring those who served in the US Armed Forces. It coincides with holidays celebrated in other countries that mark the anniversary of the end of World War I, originally called ‘the war to end all wars’. I’m not sure if that was a sincere belief or a hopeful reaction to a grotesque and bloody conflict beyond anyone’s imagination. And yet, less than 20 years later, unresolved rivalries festered to start World War II. And millions of more lives were lost trying to resist Axis aggression. Veterans, one can hope, would be a very helpful resource to reduce or end conflicts. Continue reading “Veterans Day”

A Simple Prayer

This is what I want. Continue reading “A Simple Prayer”

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