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December 2018

Discerning the Spirits

Another calendar year is ending. As I reread my blog posts from a year ago, I’m reminded how personally tumultuous 2017 was for me and my health, and now 12 months later, not much has changed except a confidence that comes with stability and predictability. When I gaze at the wider circumstances that many are facing, I see a deepening and widening pressure on everyone’s physical and mental health. It’s been a stressful year, and the clicks keep coming. Our spirits are being challenged in a way that I had not predicted just a few years ago, and wish it wasn’t so. Continue reading “Discerning the Spirits”


Simply Christmas

If you’re simply having a wonderful Christmas time, you don’t need to read any further. I wish you and yours a season of peace, joy, and love.

Are you still reading? I think I understand. Continue reading “Simply Christmas”

Reason For The Season

It’s almost Christmas. During this season, it’s familiar to feel like we’re being pulled in a number of directions. It could be the pressure to finish our Christmas shopping, find time to spend with close friends, or maybe there’s stress being with loved ones. In all our busyness, one thing is clear – expectations abound. Continue reading “Reason For The Season”

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