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Forgiveness & Jubilee

Easter – a time to celebrate resurrection and universal forgiveness – was a few days ago. It just so happens that forgiveness has been in the news a lot recently for other reasons. Sadly, so has retaliation. Continue reading “Forgiveness & Jubilee”


Fault Lines

113 years ago, the Great San Francisco Earthquake killed thousands of people when a slip in the San Andreas Fault shook the earth. It took almost a week to extinguish most fires, and the long hard road to rebuilding the city began. What was thought to be steady and reliable turned out to be less predictable and very destructive. Continue reading “Fault Lines”

Loving Rightly

Only those who love rightly see rightly – Richard Rohr

I may be wrong, but it seems that someone who is motivated to be ‘right’ will frequently misunderstand someone who is motivated to be ‘loving’. At least that’s the pattern I’ve observed from spending time on both sides of the right/loving coin. I’m not trying to create a false dichotomy, but I think the starting point matters. Our default is more likely “I’m right” than “I’m loving”. Continue reading “Loving Rightly”


“Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” (John 8:7, NRSV). Jesus didn’t question the facts of the situation, as presented by the religious leaders. He didn’t argue with them or attempt a ‘whatabout’ deflection. Continue reading “Stonethrowers”

Oak Island & Collusion

The Curse of Oak Island… does the narrator ask more questions than he provides commentary? Anyway, I can’t shake the feeling that the curse is actually thinking that something valuable is hidden. And a kind of metaphor for those who have become hooked on watching it too. I remember watching Al Capone’s vault back in 1986, and how the build-up didn’t match the reveal. Oak Island feels a bit like that, but the ending hasn’t been written yet… Continue reading “Oak Island & Collusion”


I think it is instructive that Jesus started his ministry by respectfully engaging with and responding to the questions of religious leaders. He did so with the wisdom and discernment necessary to expose the heart of the issue without chasing down rabbit holes or whataboutisms. Even though he knew their heart, he gave them ample opportunity to wake up to their self-inflicted prisons of tradition, legalism, and judgment. Continue reading “Instructive”

I Have A Dream

I have a dream that nonviolence will replace violence.

I have a dream that our moral economy is valued more than our financial economy.

I have a dream that America can be a republic and not remain an oligarchy. Continue reading “I Have A Dream”

Making A Mark

Advertising. Mimetic theory. Anniversary of a founder’s death. Donald Trump. What do these have in common? If I told you, would you believe me? Read on to find out more! Continue reading “Making A Mark”


A mirror, at least a good plane one, simply reflects reality. It takes the light that hits it and reflects it back based on the laws of physics. Distortion, unless one of those wacky mirrors in a fun house, is a defect, not a feature. Continue reading “Mirrors”

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